What’s the Little Garden Tech Blog?

A website where some silly tech-focused Littles post whatever they think is interesting or useful! We’re programmers, web developers, and general tech nerds, and that leads to a lot of situations where we talk amongst ourselves about this-or-that cool trick or solution we’ve found. Now we can also talk to you~!

The heck’s a “Little”?

The definition might depend on the person a bit, but the way we use it, children at heart, basically! We’re silly childish people who held onto a little more of the innocence of childhood than most people do. Plushies, crayon drawings, storytime, the works! It’s great stress relief, but in our personal examples, it’s also a core part of who we are as people. You can’t really ‘turn off’ being a kid, you know?

Okay, why does that matter?

It doesn’t! But all of the writers here happened to be Littles, and we’re a community that doesn’t always have the most fair or understanding of representations out there on the interwebs. I (Flora) thought it would be a good idea to wear that on our sleeves a bit, so people can think of an example of a nice, helpful Little they’ve heard of!

Who are the authors?

[ Flora ]

Hello~! I’m Flora, the founder of this website, and a web developer, too. I also have a lot of background in programming, assembly hacking, game modding, cryptography, security, neural networks… hence, wanting a place to dump any of my random thoughts that might help someone out! On a personal level, I try to be a ball of sunshine and hope, and I’m happy to make friends with literally anyone~! My contact info is on the Contact page if you’d like to chat, and I’m genuinely fascinated by people, so don’t be shy!